Design Elements

Below you will see a description of each element I design for my packages. Further down you will see the same for my Photography Packages.
Know that I can customize my packages to fit a wide variety of design needs!




This is the bread and butter of your brand identity. Your completely custom and unique-to-you logo will be designed by yours truly! There is nothing cookie-cutter, pre-made or inside the box about it. I'll learn about your brand vision and goals after an in-depth two-part Questionnaire and your logo will begin to take shape based on exactly what you're looking for. What could be better?



Well, I guess there is something better because you not only get one logo, BUT TWO! Your primary logo is what it sounds like, the main attraction. The secondary logo is the backup guitar to your Ed Sheeran, Bowie or Sinatra above (depending on your generation).

This is a key piece in the design package and very versatile in an immersive branding process. 



Really rounding out the look & feel to your brand is the coordinating pattern that supports the logo. The font pairings and color palette solidify the foundation to your brand identity.



Let's create business stationery that stands out! There are times when your business card or envelope is the first time a potential customer or client is meeting your business, so let's make it count. This portion of the package creates business essentials that will carry you through the every day. The only thing I ask is that you don't don't say "call me, maybe?" when you give your amazing cards to your clients.



Leading up to launch day, we will build social media hype to increase traffic for your new unveiling. We will do this by customizing brand matching graphics to one social media outlet of your choice (Instagram, Facebook etc.). Cue confetti blast!



Woohoo! Scroll down to see what I offer or send me a quick email to chat about more options. The ones listed are just the beginning of what we can do together.


Photography Packages

Below you will see two different photography packages. They are separate but you can combine! 
Both of these photography packages start at $500 and go up depending on the nature of the project.




You too can have an instagram overflowing with beautiful flat lay pictures! I have an arsenal of backgrounds, props and a listening ear to combine everything that you want! This package includes an in-depth questionnaire that allows you to detail exactly what you want to see in your final gallery. I go custom prop shopping so that the pictures match your style & I hand over the final images in a free online gallery for your convenience! 



Whether it's for Instagram, your website, magazine, book, flyer etc. I have the tools to really let your product shine in all it's glory in front of the camera! Every session is customized to fit the style and needs of your product. Custom props, backgrounds and even where it's being shot is all thoughtfully planned after gathering information through an in-depth questionnaire that you fill out at the beginning of your experience. You will then have access to a free online website that allows you to download your final gallery to your own computer and viola! Beautiful photographs for the world to see!